Caring For Your Wood Furniture

    Caring For Your Wood Furniture

    Amish Dining Room Table

    Dust, clean, polish, or wax? Care for your wood furniture the right way by following these pro tips!

    Care tips vary by piece. Be sure to consult Huron Valley Furniture Design Consultants for specific care or cleaning guidelines.

    Amish Dining Room


    • Choose the right tools and you can dust without worry of scratching your furniture.
    • Choose slightly damp clean soft cloths or feather dusters to remove and collect dust.
    • Use a clean, dry towel to remove any remaining moisture from dusting.
    • Avoid using silicon dusting sprays, which are not recommended for wood furniture.


    • Avoid using an all-purpose cleaning spray.
    • Generally water is not used to clean wood, but for sticky spots, mild soap and water can be used on a nearly-dry cloth. Rinse and dry immediately.
    • If a deep-cleaning is needed, consult Huron Valley Furniture.


    • Oil polishes protect wood by making it more slippery, not by providing a protective layer or coating.
    • Many commercial sprays contain silicon oil. While it does provide some protection, it may also interfere with refinishing and require professional attention.
    • Avoid polishing with pure olive oil and products that contain a high level of oil. It can attract dust, dirt, and fingerprints!


    • Applying wax or polish can help protect the manufacturer’s finish from scratches.
    • Wax provides a long-lasting hard finish and protective coating that doesn’t smear and is more durable than sprays and polishes.
    • Choose a paste or liquid wax made specifically for furniture. Liquid waxes are easier to apply, but provide a thinner coat and will need to be applied more often.
    • Wax can leave a cloudy or smeared appearance if not applied properly

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