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November 2, 2017

Design Services – Huron Valley Furniture

Michelle Olak

michelle Olak Design ConsultantMichelle has always had an eye for fashion which inspired her to pursue a career in design.  As a designer, she finds creating custom solutions for her client’s home personally rewarding and fulfilling. From the minimalistic forms of Contemporary to the re-purposed trinkets in Rustic design, Michelle has a way-with incorporating multiple styles to create the perfect room for her clients. Her overall objective as a designer is to provide her clients with the design solutions that are personally engaging and reflective of her client’s individual personality. Michelle loves building relationships with her clients and allows her to select the perfect fabrics, colors, and pieces. that match up with her client’s lifestyle and expectations. Michelle’s favorite thing to do when she’s not designing is spending time with her family and friends.

Contact Michelle 248-684-2265


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